Our responsibility

Interactief Groep and partners are expected to fulfill a particular duty in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our object in fully substantiating CSR requirements is to create a good balance between the 3 P’s, People, Planet and Profit, in which people take central stage and to which our environmental awareness, social involvement, zero-tolerance policy and fair approach contribute. Every day we think and act in terms of a secure future, for our organisation as well as for our employees.


Allure HR Solutions has access to a safe and new A-label car fleet, which includes hybrid vehicles. Our aim is to reduce the overall emission of harmful substances, for which we rely on modern, sustainable technology and intelligent logistical planning and staffing.


In addition, our head office features an efficient heating system, whilst consuming a minimum of energy. De Interactief Groep provides sustainable and safe housing for several of its members of staff. We also recycle paper, only print what is necessary and use as few colour cartridges as possible.


For us, people take central stage. We offer working conditions in compliance with the strictest safety and health requirements, good employment practices and even sheltered employment (CSR). For our employees we have a Social Helpdesk to provide the necessary support in the area of finance, care, housing and insurance.

Work placement

Throughout the years, we have acquired a solid reputation for sharing our knowledge through work placements. As a certified work placement organisation, we have welcomed numerous trainees to our company, from which many valued colleagues and thankful students have emerged. We gladly build bridges between schools and potential employers.


We stand for Involvement and Reliability, The doors of Interactief Groep are always open. Questions are answered and problems are shared with clarity and transparency. The remunerations we provide as a reliable and certified business partner are fair, and the obligations we have towards our members of staff are always fulfilled.


Internal and external development are hallmarks of our organisation. Our staff can rely on us in everything they do, which is also why we play an advisory role for the advancement of their careers as well as the organisations of our highly valued clients.