Your employment

Whatever the nature of employment you are looking for, from a holiday job to fulltime position, you can rely on Allure HR Solutions to find it for you.

Temporary job

Are you without work for a period of time and are you looking for temporary fulltime employment? We offer various options: The wide diversity of our clients means that we can find temporary employment in a pleasant environment for you anywhere in the Netherlands.

Vacation job

Are you a pupil or student and are you looking for a great job during school vacation? We link you to challenging opportunities. School vacation dates are usually known well in advance, which is why we can match you to a great job well on time.

Your first job after studying

Did you just receive your diploma and are you looking for a challenging first job? We can help you on your way. Besides securing a first ‘real’ job for you, we can help you with your CV and job application skills. We also provide support during this important period of your career.

Part-time job

Do you have obligations that prevent you from taking a fulltime job? Then a part-time job might be perfect for you. Save for the hours, all working conditions are the same as for a fulltime job.

Fulltime employment

Fulltime employees are still very much in demand, but finding the perfect job with a suitable employer remains a challenge. We know exactly what to do.

Self employment

Are you self-employed and do you need some temporary assistance? If so, then you have come to the right place. Contact us to discuss the possibilities. We’ll be glad to help you!

Getting started

Do you want to get started and are you curious about the working conditions we offer? There are various ways in which to get in touch with us. You can call us or you can upload your CV on our internet site. Do you want to be kept up to date on the latest vacancies? Then sign up for JobAlert. You can also follow us on Social Media, where news and vacancies are posted by us every day.

Also at our other specialist partners of the Interactief Groep, there are many opportunities to find a job that suits you. Would you rather have a technical job or are you looking for a Management position? Are you specialized in Finance, or interested in an Offshore job? Our partners each have their own field, so our group is broadly orientated. Take a look at the different websites and see how much we have to offer together.